quarta-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2008

Desvario neoliberal

«A sociedade burguesa moderna, uma sociedade que fez surgir gigantescos meios de troca e produção, é como o feiticeiro incapaz de controlar os poderes ocultos que desencadeou com as suas fórmulas mágicas.»

Manifesto Comunista

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Anónimo disse...

Hi there crew-lists! I though to give you a link to somewhere you can get more inspiration... from a Franco Berardi interview in 2004

"Semiokapital puts neuro-psychic energies to work, and submits them to machinic speed. It compels our cognition, our emotional hardware to follow the rhythm of the net-productivity.

Cyberspace overloads cybertime, because cyberspace is an unbounded sphere, whose speed can accelerate without limits. But cybertime (the time of attention, of memory, of imagination) cannot be speeded up beyond a limit. Otherwise it cracks... And it is actually cracking, collapsing under the stress of hyperproductivity. An epidemic of panic is spreading thoroughout the circuits of the social brain. An epidemic of depression is following the outbreak of panic.

The current crisis of the new economy has to be seen as consequence of this nervous breakdown. Once upon a time Marx spoke about overproduction, meaning the excess of available goods that could not be absorbed by the social market. Nowadays it is the social brain that is assaulted by an overwhelming supply of attention-demanding goods.

This is why the social factory has become the factory of unhappiness: the assembly line of netproduction is directly exploiting the emotional energy of the virtual class. We are now beginning to become aware of it, so we are able to recognize ourselves as cognitarians. Flesh, body, desire, in permanent electrocution."

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